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    After that she was gone for weeks. Only coming to get work for her classes. Rumors flew left and right saying she was sick, or she was embarrassed by her new haircut, were among them. But Fang was the only one who knew the true reason she was out. It was because of him.
   Seeing her with her hair cut proved her anger towards him. Then, hearing that they were most likely over made his world come crashing down. Every night he tried texting or calling her cellphone to tell how sorry he was, how much he missed her, but most importantly how much he loved her. Tonight he was going to try his last resort once he got home from school. He was going to call the house phone. Granted anyone could answer;but, she could be the one that answered. He was willing to take that chance.
    He knew what he did to Ryan was wrong, he just didn't want to see his little Rilara grow up. He was oblivious to the fact she was making romantic life with his girlfriend's brother. Seeing them in the hallways flirting made his blood boil, but he exploded on Ryan only when Rilara told him that she liked liked Ryan. Fang was practically Rilara's father, seeing how his true father was always gone on "work". His choice in beating Ryan up made him lose everything; his sister, finally getting Shadow's trust to date his daughter, all of her family's trust, but most of all he lost her, Night.
    He's tried to talk to Ryan a number of times to apologize but he only runs away. Rilara also told me that I have to let her go and let her make mistakes, even if it hurts her in the end. She wants to grow up. Finally his final period bell ringed and he packed up for the day. Pulling his phone he checked his phone in hope she had messaged him. He smiled as the screen lit up at that moment but the message deprived him of all hope. She had blocked him. Biting his lower lip he ran a hand through his quill. "Night..." He mutter to himself while shoving his phone into his back pocket. Throwing his bag into his locker for the weekend he exited the school building. His eyes widen at a certain sight in the corner of his eye. Turning his head to make sure he was seeing correctly, his jaw dropped he stood still.
    His little sister was have her first kiss, to his knowledge, with Ryan. He watched the whole time others passing soon it was just them Finally Ryan pulls away smiling down he only to see Fang. Ryan's face flooded with fear at the sight of him. After all this was the guy who put him in the hospital for flirting, now Ryan knew he was as good as dead. Rilara only looked away blushing next to Ryan. Fang heaved a sigh, she was right, he shook his head, gave a smirk, and then a thumbs up to Ryan. "Be good to her, got it?"
   Ryan only stood dumbstruck but quickly nodded. Rilara giggle attack him with a hug. Fang only walked away quietly.
   Finally he was home and grabbing the house phone. His fingers trembled as he typed in the number. The ringing his ear only made his throat dry. Someone has picked up, "Hello?" Quickly he hung up. Out of all the people that had to answer it was the one he feared most. Shadow. Letting out a sigh with hope now dry he was going to the unthinkable.
   3:42 a.m. He had turned his head lights off, music off going only five mile a hour in his truck. Parking near the end of Night's drive way he turned off it off and exited grabbing his present for her. He was planning just to give it to her unwrapped, but Rilara wrapped it for him because she was so proud of him today. She had even put a sliver bow on the black wrapping paper for Night, knowing it was her favorite color. Slowly walking to he made his way to her window. He knew she was awake. She studied the stars every Friday night from two to three. She should be reviewing notes in her room now. Her room was easy to find since it was the only one with a balcony. Taking a shallow deep breath and shaking the jitters away he started to climb up the house. He had attached the gift carefully onto his belt before climbing. He knew how difficult this was going to be seeing the living room was below her, and that her father, aka his nightmare, was asleep in the chair. Making sure he took careful gripping and steps up the house, he made it to her balcony without disturbing papa bear.
   He climbed over the railing and untied his gift from his belt. Taking to deep exhale to calm his nervous he looked at her telescope that was placed in a certain position. A smile formed on his face at the sight of it. He had gave to Night on their one year anniversary, he even had the makers engrave the N+F surround by a heart with an arrow through it. He knew she would like it there then some dumb tree. He can even still remember her excitement when she got. It was also the day that her dad had approved of him. After taking a deep breath he knocked lightly on Night's French door. Rustling could heard in the room followed by opening the door.
    There she was in front of him barely coming up to his chest. Her once pixie was had grown to down just below her chin. She adore a sweatshirt and shorts. He wrapped her in his arms the second he saw her. His eyes even watered at the sight of her. "F-Fang?" He heard her croak out. She had yet to respond to his tight hug.
   "I missed you so much." He replied pulling her closer to his chest. He was now crying a sight he did not wish for her to see. Night could feel the his tears wetting her shoulders. Slowly she put her arms around him missing his scent and presence.
    "I missed you too..." She whispered, this only made him break down more.
     "Then why didn't you answer me? W-Why did you block me?" He sobbed out his knees gave way and they were both on the floor holding one another.
      "I couldn't take it, I would miss you more and more with each text or call or voice mail, but my family didn't want me to respond. I just couldn't bear to hear anymore." Her grip on him tightened.
     Slowly Fang pulled his head out of her shoulder sniffling. Night then wiped his tears. "I-I got you something." He said pushing his gift in her hand while placing his forehead against hers. "I was waiting t-till our third year but-but I decided to give it to you now." Giving a small smile she started to unwrap it.
      It was a star projector for her room. "So you can see them when ever. I-I also had them put a special command in for you too, c-check it out when I leave." He sobbed out.
      "Fang..." Night said heartbroken, she felt so guilty for ignoring him. "I heard what you did today with Ryan and Rilara, I'm proud of you." She told him smiling.
      "Really?" Fang sniffled smiling.
       Night giggled. Her eyes watering while she kissed him. Oh how she missed this. He quickly returned.
        "Does this mean we aren't over?" Fang asked. She nodded.
        Fang quickly pulled her into another kiss. Night smiled and kissed back. Moments later her father charged into her room, charging in ready to send someone to meet their maker. Fang jumped the railing and turned back and winked at Night. This enrage Shadow to jump the railing to go after him. A girlish squeal escaped Fang's mouth as he was chased to his car by Shadow. He barely made it before Shadow was pounding on Fang's door irritated and screaming at him to stay away from Night. Fang only relaxed in his seat breathing heavily at how fast her old man still was.
    Night giggled at the sight of her father chasing Fang off of their large estate. She knew she was going to get an ear full in the morning from the whole family, expect Ryan, but it was worth it. Turning her attention to the projector she turned it to the special setting Fang had informed her of. The fake stars filled her room a smile erupted on her face as the formed something above her bed. Laying down she read the formation. Tears escaped her smiling face.
   "I love you too Fang..."
Untitled 2
Collab with :iconshadowlvr15:

Hope you liked it ^^'

Fang, Rilara, and Ryan belong to :iconshadowlvr15:
Night belongs to me
Shadow belongs to SEGA
Thank you!! by Starry-Galaxies
Thank you!!
Thank you everyone that has helped me achieve this goal!!

i still don't have a name for this cutie, so If you do please tell me (:

Finally I would like like to tell you thatcustom adopts and comissions are open and prices are flexible so just come to me with an offer and I will see what we can do!
SSP: R4 Part 1 - Lealia by Starry-Galaxies
SSP: R4 Part 1 - Lealia
Okay this is my 4th entry!! There is some science to this, but I'm to lazy to explain it XD

SSP-R3 Spring Flowers- Lealia by Starry-Galaxies
SSP-R3 Spring Flowers- Lealia
Well this my entry and i messed up the original so in to this but I will I will post the post the original soon ^^

Lealia and art belongs to me 
SSP R2- Lealia by Starry-Galaxies
SSP R2- Lealia
Well Lealia is indugling in one of her guilty pleasures, MANGA!!!Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon  But she sadly fell asleep from the binge.

Art and Lealia belong to me^^

Black Butler belongs to Yana Toboso
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